Katya and Eric’s love story | Orlando Wedding Photography

In 2010, there were two individuals working in remote locations. They were road warriors, living out of suitcases and sustained by bad hotel room service food. They were isolated, far away from their families and friends. However, every night while relaxing in their empty hotel rooms they each found friendship and fun inside a virtual world called Second Life.

This is where I come in! My name is Katya and I was a hermit of sorts. I hid away in a virtual world, having given up on relationships and seeking an escape from reality. It was in this place that the most unexpected thing happened: love found me! I was minding my own business role playing as the realm wizard when this new guy showed up in funny frilly clothes saying he wanted to be my apprentice. My character’s name was Awryn and his was Atticus, his real name is Eric. He and I spent three to five hours every night talking. We began talking about how to play the game, but soon we were exchanging tips on how to survive on the road, trading stories about airport adventures and discussing our jobs.

Before we knew it, our conversations became more personal and we’d become the best of friends. We started talking on the phone, out of the game, and soon were on Skype watching each other laugh at the crazy things we had dealt with during our travels. Finally almost a year later we decided to meet in person. I’d convinced myself that it was just friendship, but he moment we were face to face he kissed me and the sparks exploded! The rest is history, as they say.

Sadly, life decided to make it challenging. When we met, Eric was feeling sick and his legs were very swollen, but he thought it was just a passing thing. Unfortunately, the sickness got worse. He started slurring his speech, getting dizzy and falling asleep mid sentence. Suddenly he developed pneumonia and had to be rushed to the hospital. He ended up in ICU for three weeks while they gave him intravenous antibiotics. These life saving meds cured his pneumonia, but he reacted badly to them and ended up in full renal failure, almost dying from the treatment. It was then that they started him on dialysis three times a week.  He lost his job while in the hospital, so I would fly in once a month to make sure he had food and medicine, while he recovered and looked for a new job. He found new employment right away, since he is one of the top minds in his field and thankfully they allowed him to work remotely.

A few months later he ended up in the hospital again after collapsing at the clinic due to chronic anemia. They couldn’t figure out what was causing it, but I noticed a bad bruise under his right foot. No matter how many time I asked the staff to check it they ignored it and released him. Two days after he was sent home the bruise opened up into a large wound that at this point has taken over 18 months to heal. Fast forward a few months to Valentine’s Day 2013. My amazing man, Eric, set up a hunt with paper hints all over the apartment leading to a final question…”Will you marry me?” I was thrilled! We love each other very much and I can’t imagine my life without him. Two months later in April, I lost my job and days after that Eric went back into the hospital again. Over the next year he would spend several weeks in and out of the hospital. I moved in and became his full time caretaker, while planning our wedding remotely.

Finally, on February 1, 2014 we were married in Saint Augustine, Florida, surrounded by family and friends. It was a long rocky road to the altar, and will continue for the rest of our lives. However, we were committed to each other through sickness and health, and we do it with all of our hearts. Every obstacle, stumble and breakdown along the way just make our bond stronger. We don’t know what our future holds. What we do know is that we will face it together.

When we bought our wedding bands we each had a word engraved, but we didn’t tell each other what it was, as it was a surprise. After the ceremony we revealed the engraving to each other, only to realize we both chose the same word. ALWAYS. And that is what we will do… love each other always.

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Kerry and Ryan marry in Winter Park | Winter Park Photography

Meet Kerry and Ryan Hegenauer who flew in from Michigan to get married at Uncle Dexter’s house in Winter Pk…yup, THE Dexter of the well established restaurant Dexters of Winter Park. Not only did we get to meet some wonderfully funny people but of course we enjoyed a delicious dinner! Ryan and Kerry are a photography team just like Stan and myself. We had so much fun working with them , sharing experiences, knowledge and stories ! Beverly Neal of Dimensions Photography was my mentor. An amazing, self taught woman who knew her s—!

She encouraged me, advised me, taught me and pushed me to challenge myself, think outside the box, and it’s HER that gave me the confidence to be a wedding photographer. I can’t thank her enough for her kindness , and I finally got a chance to repay it and do a little mentoring back. We sure felt appreciated by Ryan and Kerry! They will no doubt be a hugely successful team, both as photographers and husband and wife.

Here are a few of Ryan’s favorite shots, mixed in with one or two of mine….Congratulations to a special couple and thank you for choosing S & S to be a part of your very special day!

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Michael and Lindsey’s Orlando Highland Manor Wedding Photography

Michael and Lindsey chose Highland Manor for their wedding on Dec 22. Highland Manor is one of Central Florida’s premier wedding venues as it has the space for both ceremonies, be it outside or in their chapel, as well as receptions. It makes it convenient and reduces quite a bit of the chaos that ensues on the typical wedding day. It’s a beautiful old estate house that is now being managed by Dubsdread. Congratulations Lindsey and Michael, we wish you both many years of happiness and we hope you love your wedding photography! Keep safe Michael, and thank you for dedicating your life to serving and protecting all Americans.

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Cory and Paul’s gorgeous Paradise Cove wedding photography

Congratulations to another happily married couple, Cory (Kennedy) and Paul Burgin, who were married October 11th. One of our favorite spots to photograph weddings here in central Florida is Paradise Cove. It has a lovely outside venue on the lake where the ceremonies are performed on the beach.

They offer a beautiful brides cottage for the bride and her bridesmaids to dress in, and the overhead cover is always an asset on a rainy day. One of the things we love at Paradise Cove, besides their wonderfully helpful staff, is the ability to always get amazing pictures! Here are a few of Cory and Paul’s beautiful wedding pictures at Paradise Cove for you to view…enjoy!

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Beautiful Orlando wedding photography for Jenny & Darrell

It’s not often that I have a groom contact and inquire about our service, but that is how I met Darrell. He took on the challenge of finding a wedding photographer, and found us. So, let me introduce you to another one of our sweet and totally in love couples. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Darrell and Jeniffer Christmas. Yes, it’s correct, the newlyweds are mr and mrs CHRISTMAS!! Love it!! The ceremony was at St. Mary Magdaline , and the reception at Leu Gardens back in April. We had a lot of fun at this reception, a good crowd with a lot of happy friendly people all celebrating the newlyweds love for each other. Congratulations Darrell and Jenny!

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Shannon & Jon’s beautiful, romantic wedding at Paradise Cove

Many of our current couples are making a wise move and are choosing to do a “First Look” session with us and get all of their romantic pictures done before the ceremony even starts. It’s not traditional, but it certainly makes a lot of sense in certain situations….and believe you me, if a marriage fails it will not be because the couple broke tradition and saw each other before the ceremony.

Actually, it’s a smart move for several reasons. It allows for a private moment where the couple can see each other without being on display, without dozens of eyes starring at them, without the worry of being judged, and they can be emotional and tender alone, privately. Every time we do a First Look I get tears in my eyes.

Another great reason is the couple can then participate, if they want to, in the cocktail hour. Many use this time for pictures, but many of our couples also want very much to mingle and participate in the cocktail hour. This allows them to, and also, it gives us a second photo opportunity if something went wrong earlier. Let’s say the weather was not ideal earlier, or the pictures started late because the bride was not ready on time, or the zipper on the dress broke and needed a quick repair. Whatever the reason may be for a delay, and believe you me this is the day for little things to unexpectedly happen, we have extra time to get the pictures.

If our First Look session does not happen, we can use the cocktail hour time to get the pictures done. It allows us two opportunities for those Romantic pictures, if the need arises and it’s a win-win for everyone. Stan and I did the same thing when we got married in 1992!

Shannon and Jon did exactly what we’re talking about, and it worked wonderfully, and they have amazing pictures! Congratulations to a lovely couple, married on April 28th at Paradise Cove. We started with Shannon’s pictures, then rolled into the First Look, continued on with the pictures of Shannon and her girls, her family, Jon and his group, and then covered the ceremony.

After the ceremony we did the group pictures, a few fun shots with the bridal party, and off the couple went to mingle and enjoy the cocktail hour with their guests before their Grand Entrance. This might not work for every couple, but it is becoming more acceptable and is worth considering.

The Details:

Shannon’s hair was done by Kristy Alonzo, 407-766-3335 and her flowers by Windermere Flowers 407-900-9604.
The officiant was Rev. Kevin Knox, 407-521-VOWS, and her DJ, Tom Sturges, 386-314-6344.
Big City Catering handles the food, 407-438-3488 and the cake came from Publix.

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A helicopter arrival for Shelle and Damon

Wow! By far the most exciting and spectacular entrance made by one of our brides was her arrival on a helicopter! Talk about a Grand Entrance! Shelle travelled from Bermuda to marry her price Damon, also from Bermuda, on the lawns of Orlando’s Omni Championsgate. Every jaw dropped, even Damon’s as it was all a surprise to him too, as the helicopter circled then landed , and Shelle stepped out in all her glory . Laying on the ground to capture the arrival from a “different” angle is a sight and sound I will never forget!

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Tara and Charles’ stunning Maison Jardin wedding | Orlando wedding photography

Congratulations to Tara and Charles Langford whose wedding we had the honor of photographing this February 5th at Maison Jardin in Altamonte Springs. As an experienced Event Coordinator, Tara had a vision for her wedding day and her host of talented vendors made her vision a reality. Her florist used orchids, tulips and 1,500 white roses to successfully create a warm and inviting ambiance.

Their cake, a four tier cake with a dusted metallic gold ombre effect was not only stunning but yummy, encompassing red velvet, key lime with a graham cracker filling, carrot cake and classic vanilla, delicious! Tara herself was just stunning in her taffeta, form-fitting ball gown. The dropped waist and all over ruching with cascading floral appliques shaping the breathtaking skirt was complimented by a chapel train.

All of Tara and Charles’ vendors are listed below. A special mention to DJ Dave Awesome who did a great job entertaining the crowd all night long with a successful night of dancing and celebrating.

Congratulations Tara, Charles and little man Liam!

Cake: It’s Tasty Too
Cake Designer/Owner Heather & Jay Michaud

Hair & Makeup: M3 hair & makeup
(321)-250-4700 ext 202
Owner/ Makeup Artist: Michele Mahn

Floral: Business is Blooming
Florist: Lolli Cruz

Linens: BBJ linen Orlando
Harvest Shantung

The Dress
David’s Bridal
Designer: Galina Signature

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Kim & Greg’s Beautiful Sundy House Wedding

We love all of our amazing clients, and this couple was no different. Kim and Greg’s wedding was the third wedding we have captured for this beautiful family, and we couldn’t have been more honored. It was a fabulous day with so many great memories that we will forever remember as we watched this couple say their vows and witness their great family supporting them. Kim, the stunning bride, gave us this wonderful testimonial which we’d like to share below:

“We have been very fortunate to build a loving home and a solid foundation of love and trust in which we continue to nurture and support each other, all four of us. We are each thankful for the other. Our wedding was what we all needed and I believe bounded us forever. I love each of them so very much.

Flash forward to the wedding: The long overdue wedding that almost didn’t happen. We did not want a big party and were ready to take both our parents and the kids away to have a private wedding. Needless to say, many family members and friends were saddened by this and ultimately, we decided on a wedding. (Well, not Greg so much but me!) We only wanted something small, intimate and nothing over the top like so many others. Additionally, I did not want my parents blowing their retirement on this!

The whole day was the greatest day of my life! My girlfriend, Adria, of “Simply Me Salon” in Parkland has done my hair for 8 years. I’ve been dating her as long as I have Greg! She took care of my hair and make-up, making me feel so very beautiful. Our florist was Carol at Honey Bunch Florist of Deerfield Beach and was a referral from my niece Crystal. We choose blue orchids to match Charlize’s dress and white calla lillies to represent “new life”. My dress is by Allure Brides in soft ivory and was purchased at Victoria’s Bridal Couture on Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale. It was actually the fourth dress I tried on and I originally thought the satin was too shiny! Wthin minutes of wearing it in store I knew it was the right one. The Sundy House was the perfect venue that provide both elegance and the beauty of the Florida foliage The soft rain that feel on my dad and I has we walked only promised good fortune on all in attendance. The cool drum beats from the Garlic festival from across the street made perfect rhythm to the ceremony vows. Our vows symbolized us as a couple and all of the fortune we have had, both good and bad. My vows to the children united us as a family and bounded us forever. It was absolutely the best day of my life and one I am so happy to relive through your amazing photographs.

I will never be able to thank you and Stan enough for capturing such a lovely, intimate and personal day in so many wonderful ways.”

Lots of love,

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Sean & Ashley’s Buena Vista Palace wedding

After 3 1/2 years together Sean and Ashley tied the knot on January 4th at the Buena Vista Palace in Orlando. Sean proposed to Ashley 2 years ago at a romantic dinner on a visit back to his hometown of New Orleans. Ashley of course said “YES” and we wish this really kind and sweet couple all the best in their new life together.

I asked Ashley what her favorite memory was from her wedding day and she said it was seeing her husband for the first time as her Dad walked her down the aisle. The day was wet, cold and rainy! The outside gazebo ceremony scrapped for a quick change to inside. Not what Ashley and Sean had pictured for their big day. The unpredictable Florida weather did nothing to damper this couples spirits and Ashley said that her wedding “turned out so much better than I could ever have imagined!”

That’s what it’s all about…not the dress, the flowers, the DJ or the location. Nothing matters but the fact that this couple has vowed to love, honor and cherish each other for the rest of their lives. No doubt they will!


DRESS: David’s Bridal
Strapless A-line with applicaque detail and beading and lace detail

FLORIST: Jonathan’s Flowers
Bridal Bouquet: White Roses, White Fresia, Blue Iris, small Pinecones and silver curly willow

HAIR: Jennifer Sarao, Stylist at Primera Salon and Spa

MAKE-UP: Kay Casperson Lifestyle Spa & Boutique at the Buena Vista Palace Hotel and Spa

COORDINATOR: Christal Knowles-Feldman, Sunsational Weddings

OFFICIANT: Adam Feldman, Sunsational Weddings

CAKE: Party Flavors, Cake flavors: Lemon, Red Velvet and Carrot

DJ: White Rose Entertainment

CEREMONY & RECEPTION VENUE: Buena Vista Palace, Hotel and Spa

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