Orlando Science Center: Jillian & Daniel’s Wedding

Orlando Science Center Wedding

  Congratulations go out to Jillian Treffeisen and Daniel Hamm on their November 4 th Orlando Science Center Wedding !! Their love story is sweet but also a sign of the times. Ladies, don’t be afraid to go after that very special man that catches your eye. Too many gentlemen are somewhat intimidated by a gorgeous and strong woman, so it just might be up to YOU to make that first move….exactly what Jillian did, and look where it led. They both worked at Publix, mopping and sweeping floors together, then hung out after work at his parents house playing video games. Jillian says that she was doing homework one day and decided to ask Dan out. Obviously he said yes because here they are, 7 years later, happily married newlyweds!At the time they both attended BCC. Dan then moved on to Orlando to study at UCF where they endured a long distance relationship. Jillian later joined him at UCF . Dan now has a Masters Degree in Industrial Psychology from UCF and Jillian is finishing up her Masters Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis at FIT ( where both Stan and I received our B.S Degrees in Photographic Technology!)

  “We knew early on that we were going to get married but with both of us being in school it was not a good time” They traveled a lot together over the years, focusing on school and enjoying life. Then, on a trip to Colorado, celebrating the coming in of 2015, Dan proposed! “On January 1st Dan wanted to take me to Pike’s Peak but a bad snow storm closed the mountain. So instead he took me to a beautiful park, Garden of the Gods. It was here that he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was obviously so happy ( and so very cold) and I said YES!”

  Jillian’s fondest memory of her Orlando Science Center Wedding …” When I was walking down the aisle with my Mom and Dad. It was such a good feeling to look up and see everything I loved, there to support us. There will never be another moment like that in my life”

  Dan’s fondest memory of their wedding day…” When I first saw our wedding cake. Jillian surprised me with a custom cake topper of us fashioned to look like the couple from the movie “UP.” It’s always been one of our favorite movies to watch together . The topper was a really thoughtful thing to do and it’s something I will always cherish”

  Advice from the happy couple…” Always think about why your partner may be acting the way they are, whether they be happy, sad, mad,anxious etc. We find that this brings us peace and helps us to react in an appropriate way. We also encourage couples to ” not sweat the small stuff” . Is it really worth your energy to bring up that annoying thing that happened last week ; the answer is usually no. When there are big issues, talk about them and again, think about why your partner is acting the way they are. If you know what may be causing them their sadness, anger, anxiousness only then can you move in a direction towards happiness! Great words of wisdom Mr & Mrs. Hamm!


DJ: Junction 88 Productions  

Venue: Orlando Science Center

Coordinator: Andrea Dimayo

Makeup: Erin Frame

Wedding Gown: LA Bridal

















Alyssa and Bud’s beautiful Venice wedding!

Bud and Alyssa first met at a Chilies restaurant in 2013 after initially meeting on line via “Chemistry.com”. Clarence, AKA Bud, worked the night shift as an Orlando Police Officer and Alyssa, as she says,”being surrounded by engineers limited our dating scene so we both turned to online dating and it all turned out for the best!” Bud said that,” they talked for hours, about everything from work to zip lining, and unbeknownst to them, began laying the foundation of what would become a wonderful and lasting relationship.” Bud’s proposal began with an invitation to dinner and a movie, after which they headed for their favorite local spot, Cranes Roost. ” It’s where we first became officially boyfriend and girlfriend, and had our first kiss.” Bud even had a photographer there who, under the false pretense of “practicing” on them, proceeded to take their picture. Alyssa went along and agreed to ” have some stranger take our photo” Bud, after the first photo, got down on his knee and proposed! She said YES and now here they are, happily married newlyweds in 2016.
August 6 th was the big day and Bud and Alyssa agreed that they wanted an outdoor themed wedding, without the outdoors…” Too hot for a Florida August outdoor wedding” said Alyssa. They chose the beautiful Plantation in Venice, a spot on the East coast close to where Alyssa grew up. One thing Alyssa knew for certain was that she wanted a cookie table at the reception. ” I was raised by my Mom and always grew up close to her, she was the one there through thick or thin. My Dad lived in NY so when I visited him he would make sure we had our time together by waking me up in the middle of the night and we would have Oreos and milk” How super sweet..pun intended!
Everything came together beautifully on their wedding day in large part due to Alyssa being a very hands on and involved bride. “Everything was set up and made by myself or one of my amazing bridesmaids- from the homemade jams and the signs to the center pieces and the kids table!” Apart from a tiny thunderstorm that blew through as the ceremony was about to start the wedding was a success…lively & full of dancing and laughter, which ended with an exciting ecofetti departure. Alyssa and Bud Stan and I wish you two lovebirds a long, safe and prosperous life together and want to thank you for inviting S & S to be a part of such a momentous occasion in your lives!

Florist, Garden of Eden        Snapshot Photobooth
Makeup By Corinne             Gown

DJ                                    Photography



Pam and Christopher’s sweet summer wedding

After 7 years of dating Chris unexpectedly proposed to Pam in June of 2015 at a Styx concert! “We had seen them twice before and were super excited to be able to go again. The show was incredible and we had a great hotel which we ended up at after the concert. Our room had a view overlooking a river and he suggested we take a walk along the boardwalk. I was a little curious since it was an odd time of night to go (around 11:30pm I think) but it was beautiful. We walked onto the bridge over the river and joked about how many spiders there were (I am afraid of them of course). He told me how much he loved me and promised he always would then asked if I would do the same and when I said yes he pulled out the ring. I promptly dropped the water bottle that I was holding onto his foot, I was so surprised! But we laughed and I practically screamed yes and the rest, as they say, is history.” Pam’s Mother had purchased a dress for her to wear at her prom many years ago at the Goodwill store in her high school home town of Lockhart , for $14.00. She ended up not being able to go to her Senior Prom and the dress stayed with her as she moved and relocated 3 times….she loved her dress too much to part with. No occasion seemed worthy of it, until Chris proposed…”After Christopher and I got engaged I had no doubt that I would wear my long lost dress, it was perfect. The theme, flowers and decor all fell into place after that! ” Stan and I loved Pam’s entire look…from her dress to her beautiful summer flowers in her hair, the inspiration coming from her childhood…”My mother wore a flower crown for her wedding and I remembered how much I loved playing with it when I was younger. I thought about buying a crown online but the cost was way higher than I expected and the colors were good but not perfect. It took many trips to a handful of craft stores but I was able to find the flowers that I really wanted and after reading some DIY articles I decided to make my own crown. All in all it cost around $35 (for the stuff I actually used) and took about 18 total hours.” The guest list for their intimate July 31st wedding was short..her parents, his parents , his sister and boyfriend and a favorite Aunt…”Our parents, my aunt, and Christopher’s sister and her boyfriend have truly been our support system and very best of friends over the last 5 years which made them the most important people to have with us on our wedding day.” The ceremony was in a beautiful park tucked away in a Longwood neighborhood, with dinner at Lake Mary’s FishBones.Congratulations to a sweet, unique and beautiful couple!!

Mike and Chey’s beautiful St. Augustine wedding

Mike Conley ( originally from New Hampshire ) and Cheryl Martin ( from Orlando) immediately hit it off when they met on E Harmony’s dating website back in 2010. Chey said they couldn’t stop talking to each other…that’s a good start I’d say. 2 months after actually meeting they started dating, December 13 th 2010.
The engagement….Mike and Cheryl had been stuck inside dealing with the freezing winter of New Hampshire. Cheryl had planned a mini vacation with one of her friends, Trinh, to go enjoy the warm weather of Florida. Mike appeared to be rather upset that Cheryl was going to Florida and to Disney without him. So, with a “frustrated” Mike at home, Cheryl and Trinh boarded their flight to Florida. Saturday came along with Mike hardly talking to Cheryl since her arrival, and she headed off to Disney with her family and friend. Little did Cheryl know that Mike and Trinh had been plotting for several months along with a few family members. They all were in on it! Cheryl and gang stopped at their traditional photo op spot in front of Cinderella’s castle. Cheryl’s dad smiled and told everyone to move in closer for the photo op. As soon as the photo was done, Cheryl could see what appeared to be Mike out of the corner of her eye. She was excited thinking that he had just decided to surprise her with the visit. But instead he stopped and got down on one knee! He asked Cheryl to marry him and even in her shocked state, she said yes!
The happy couple chose St. Augustine for their April 26 th wedding, with Lightner Museum the ceremony site and Casa Monica the reception location. Mike fell in love with the area when attending his Best Man Sean’s bachelor party…it reminded him of Boston, but in Florida. The couple are ” big on history” and they ” fell in love with the architecture, the paintings, and the sculptures of Lightner Museum” Chey said she instantly became obsessed with Casa Monica…”It was stunning and the rooms made you feel so elegant. The vintage look and the general vibe of the place made it a must for us.”
When I asked Chey what she loved the most about her wedding day she replied, “I loved that we could get all of our family together in a place that had so much history.” Mike’s response was the same, “friends and family from all over the country took time out from their schedules to travel with us to celebrate our special day. Everyone was so relaxed and happy to be with us”
Mike had very useful advice for future couples…
First off, once you propose, try to convince your new fiance to enjoy engagement for a month or two. There is NO RUSH to plan the wedding -no matter what she or anyone else says- and you are only engaged once. Take the first couple of months to do something while you are engaged so you have something to look back on during engagement. Plan a few weekends away, a road trip, or go to a few concerts. Why skip the excitement of being engaged and jump right to married life? We did this and are very happy that we did not rush into things.

Second, during your wedding weekend, it’s about you and your to-be wife. If anyone offers to help, let them. You will have the chance to repay the favor on their day.

Third, just before it is time to get dressed, set 30 minutes aside for you and your best man. Go grab a quick bite to eat or a drink and talk. It helped me relax and transition into the ceremony.

Lastly, take in the day. Sit back and capture little moments throughout the night. Watch from your chair as your friends and family share laughs. Enjoy how happy everyone is to be there for you. These micro-moments are for you and your bride to hold onto for the rest of your lives.
And Chey’s excellent advice…
Take a deep breath every time you start to feel stressed the week leading up to your wedding, it is easier said than done. But you can only control so much and you have to hope that the people who are in your bridal party will be there for you and help make your day what you imagined. And enjoy it, stressing over the little things will not fix them, you just have to roll with the punches and have a blast and enjoy your big day!
Mike and Chey are a very special, loving, caring , gorgeous and smart couple! Stan and I had an amazing day with them and wish them many, many years of happiness together!!!

Hair and Makeup







Arturo and Sam’s Maitland Art Center Wedding

There are many beautiful wedding venues throughout Central Florida but one of our personal favorites is the Maitland Art Center and that was the venue of choice for Arturo and Samantha’s March 19th wedding. After a move from Texas the happily engaged couple fell in love with the Maitland Art Center which, according to Arturo, was a “surreal location. We both like the rustic look and the outdoors. The architectural elements are amazing, great for photos!” The happy couple choose a fairytale and whimsical theme and enjoyed very much designing and making their own wedding decorations. We encountered rain that day, typical as a central Florida wedding photographer to be challenged by the elements, but luckily it cleared just in time for our photography session with Samantha, and thankfully it stayed away for the rest of the afternoon. Arturo’s favorite memory of that day he says was, “Sam walking down the aisle, our first kiss, our first dance,so many…it was EVERYTHING!” That answer embodies the spirit of this wonderful couple. They were surrounded by so many friends & family along with laughter & love. So much depends on our ability to do our job and do it well…such a stressful job…and we want EVERY client to be thrilled with their pictures, no exception, it’s all about customer satisfaction. I asked Arturo and Sam what their experience with S & S Photography was like and their answer…”AMAZING!” We’ll take that!! Congratulations Sam and Arturo, we wish you many many years of happiness and joy!! Click this link  https://snsweddings.com/clientgallery/samblog/ to view more of their wedding pictures.


Karla and Steven’s Championsgate Wedding

Karla & Steven Bayes chose one of Orlando’s premier wedding locations for their beautiful March wedding…yes we are late posting this but better late than never! Orlando’s ChampionsGate Resort is a gorgeous Central Florida location perfectly suited to hosting Central Florida weddings. This venue is beautifully decorated, especially the courtyard and ballrooms. The accommodations are luxurious , the cuisine exceptional and the service superb. S & S Photography enjoyed working with a talented , organized and detail oriented co-ordinator and her team, Xiomarra Sanchez, owner of A Nite To Remember Events. ( Niteevents.com) Xiomarra and her team ensured that every detail, every desire, every element and every aspect of the wedding day was meticulously addressed , handled and taken care of immediately,for the bride and groom. When I asked Xiomarra why Steven and Karla chose S & S Photography for their Central Florida wedding photography needs she answered…”S & S was a no brainer when picking a wedding photographer for Karla and Steven. Charlene and Stan were the photographers for Karla’s Mothers wedding a few years back and they LOVED them! Working with S & S is EASY and a PLEASURE. I LOVE Charlene’s energy. The pictures speak for themselves. EXCELLENT photography and an EXCELLENT company”. We always look forward to working with A Nite To Remember Events and we look forward to the change in photography needs of Karla and Steven…from being their wedding photographers to, one day, becoming their FAMILY photographers!

Pro One Video

Jillian Caro 

Tiffany and Adam’s Pensacola Wedding

Tiffany and Adam chose their old college stomping grounds for their Pensacola wedding and needless to say we were honored to be asked if we would make the 6 hour drive to cover their February 27 th wedding! 5 Eleven, an old historic building in the heart of downtown Pensacola, was the site for both the ceremony and the reception. It’s a charming old building with brick walls and huge glass windows that let in a lot of natural light, perfect for photographs. Tiffany was a beautiful and elegant bride while Adam was quite the handsome groom! Tiffany and Adam’s color scheme was a soft spring of eggplant purples, pinks & lavenders with a touch of classy rustic. Her  Martina Liana gown came from the bridal shop Bustle , in Baton Rouge Louisiana, where the bride and groom live. It was a stunning fit-and-flare gown with 15 yards of hand cut lace meticulously arranged over rich dolce satin. The petite cap sleeves featured an organically finished edge design,the skirt fans full into a chapel train, and the zip in the back hidden discreetly underneath fabric covered buttons. The weather for the day was perfect and Tiffany’s fondest memory of the day was the “First Look” between her and Adam before the ceremony…”It was such a special moment between just Adam and I ” she said. Her advice for newly engaged couples planning their wedding…”The only things walking away from your wedding are 3 things…1-your dress,2-pictures, 3-a video. So, make sure you LOVE all 3 when booking your vendors and picking out dresses!”

Videographer: Caleb Pierce 

Florist: Ashley Plantnflower

Hair and Makeup by:   www.thevibedowntown

Photography: Charlene & Stan

Bella Collina Wedding

It was so wonderful to be the wedding photographers for a couple that truly compliments each other and are so in love with each other! Heather and Todd’s Bella Collina wedding was absolutely wonderful and touching beyond words, just perfect. Their outdoor traditional wedding ceremony on the lawn at Bella Collina was romantic and emotional…watching Todd try to stay composed while Heather walked towards him on her Dad’s arm had me tearing up! After the ceremony we had so much fun taking their wedding pictures…under the Bell Tower, down by the bridge…we’re always able to find great locations for wedding pictures at the Tuscan themed Bella Collina. The evening was filled with joy and laughter and everyone there had an amazing time celebrating the union of two amazing people!

Lange Farm Wedding

Lange Farm has acres of sweeping views that embraces a rustic country charm making it a wonderful setting for Central Florida weddings. Megan and Nick chose the seclusion of Lange Farm, just 30 minutes outside of Tampa, for their Central Florida wedding ceremony and reception. With over 80 acres Lange Farm embraces nature and pushes the hustle and bustle of daily life aside and allows its guests to relax and enjoy the surrounding scenery. As photographers Stan and I welcome the opportunity to travel to beautiful locations like Lange Farm…every direction we turn is another beautiful backdrop of scenery for beautiful wedding photographs. Congratulations Megan and Nick, thanks for choosing S & S!


Pensacola Wedding Photography

Adam and Tiffany chose their old college stomping grounds for their wedding this weekend in Pensacola and we are so honored to have been brought in to cover the event. We shoot primarily Central Florida weddings but have now covered all corners of the state, from Jacksonville down to the Keys, Sarasota over to Cocoa , and now beautiful Pensacola. Although it was quite a drive we have travelled further…Tucson AZ, North Carolina, Trinidad and even South Africa! This weekend Stan and I travelled almost 1000 miles and enjoyed every minute of it…did I mention that we left 3 kids behind…perhaps part of the reason we had such a good time, seems breaks from parenting are quite refreshing! We had a fun group to work with, a beautiful couple, lovely location and soft afternoon light. We even enjoyed a side trip on our way home to see Florida’s only caves at the Caverns State Pk in Marianna. Thanks for choosing Stan and I to be your Pensacola wedding photographers Tiffany and Adam, congratulations and many long years of happiness to you both!